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Does your Shopify store or web development agency need some more Dev power? Tell us about you Shopify project and we'll provide you with a professional Shopify developer and/or front-end software engineer.

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What is a Shopify developer?

A Shopify developer is a programmer experienced in web technologies needed to create Shopify stores, apps and themes. Various technology stacks may be used. Looking at market demand, front-end web programming skills and knowledge of the Shopify ecosystem are demanded most often.

What is a Front-end software engineer?

A Front-end software engineer is a programmer skilled in using technologies used to create front ends of digital applications. A front end is the part of an application that is closest to the user, e.g. the interface of a website that the user interacts with.

What technologies does a Shopify developer use?

When developing Shopify themes, a Shopify developer uses Liquid, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and other Javascript libraries. Liquid is the template language developed by Shopify used to build dynamic pages in a store. Also, the Shopify dev uses knowledge of designing to transform product page designs or mockups in Sketch or Photoshop into actual Shopify store pages. Furthermore, the developer uses AJAX or fetch skills to communicate with Shopify's REST or GraphQL API's in order to fetch data from Shopify that needs to be displayed in the front end. A Shopify developer also has to have extensive back-end skill that developing custom Shopify apps (plugins). Back-end technologies may include Node.js, Python, or PHP frameworks, web servers, DevOps tools databases and data engineering tools.

What technologies does a Front-end software engineer use?

Front ends are dynamic and must operate on user owned devices, like web browsers desktop computers. Therefore a frontender uses technologies that are supported by user devices. Most notably implementations of the Javascript programming language (e.g. V8 in Google Chrome) and style sheets parsers, e.g. of CSS3. Notable Javascript libraries include React, Vue, Angular and Backbone. A popular CSS framework is Bootstrap. Furthermore, a front-end software engineer uses automation tools to increase efficiency. Popular tools include pre-processor SASS for working with stylesheets, Babel for compiling modern Javascript code into older versions, package managers like NPM and Yarn, code bundlers like Webpack, and task runners like Gulp and Grunt.

What is the difference between a Shopify developer and a front-end software engineer?

Depending on the task at hand, a Shopify developer uses his front-end engineering skills and/or his back-end developer skills to develop a web product for the Shopify ecosystem. A Shopify developer may be regarded as a full-stack web developer relying heavily on front-end skills.

Where are the Shopify and Front-end developers located?

Our Shopify experts are flexible with respect to working hours. They are located in Europe and work out of the Europe/Amsterdam time zone (GMT + 1) when no custom working hours are agreed upon. Overlapping schedules and fixed time meetings are possible. Please contact us to discuss working hours. Our Shopify engineers work from home, a hired working space or from other public places. They work out of the Europe/Amsterdam time zone.

Remote Front-end Shopify developers are located in the Europe/Amsterdam (GMT+1) timezone

When can I hire a remote Shopify developer?

Shopify theme customizations, bug fixes and other minor tasks can be done right away. Please fill out our hiring form and tell us about your task. Major projects or builds form scratch will first be assessed by our management team. Please contact us to discuss the timespan.

When can I hire a remote Front-end software engineer?

The exact moment your Front-end engineer can start depends on the size of your web development project. If require part time assistance for your front end, then our developers can start right away, i.e., Jun 19, 2024. If your have a full time web development job at scale, please contact our management team, so they can give you an up-to-date answer.

What is the difference between hiring remotely and telecommuting?

A remote Shopify developer is the same as a Shopify developer that telecommutes.

Do your remote Front-end and Shopify developers work during the corona / COVID-19 crisis?

Yes. Our developers work remotely from private spaces. So work during the COVID-19 / corona crisis is continued.

How much does hiring a remote Shopify developer cost?

A Shopify developer is hired by the hour. The rates depend on the the duration and urgency of the Shopify project and the expert level of the Shopify developer. Rates start at $40 an hour for low urgency Shopify tasks. Please tells us more about your Shopify project to get a quote.

How do I hire a remote Shopify developer?

Hiring a Shopify developer is as simple as filling out our hiring a Shopify developer form. Please provide a brief description of your Shopify project, your preferred technology stack or other requirements you may have.

You may also fill out our contact form first, just to get some more information about hiring.

How do I hire a remote Front-end software engineer?

To hire an experienced Front-end programmer, just submit our hiring a Front-end software engineer form. Please provide a brief description of the technologies you wish to use in your front-end application.

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