Hire a flexible remote developer during the Corona crisis (COVID-19)

Even though countries are in lockdown and in-person interviews with local developers are out of the question, your website or software project likely needs work to be done. This is where hiring flexible remote developers comes in to fix bugs, develop new features and continue work during the Corona crisis.

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Hire during the Corona crisis

How to hire a remote developer while the COVID-19 measures are around?

You'll need to hire developers remotely. This can been done by asking us for a quote. Then you will be scheduled a chat with our developer, so you can discuss the web project and work out working hours etc.

Can I hire website developers for last-minute COVID-19 messages on my website?

Yes, you can. Our programmers are available to do ad hoc changes to your website so your business is up to date with regard to Corona communication.

How to hire a React developer for the forseeable time (during COVID-19)?

You can hire a React programmer by contacting us. Please leave a brief description of your React project requirements. Thank you.

Can I hire API developers for as long as the Corona crisis lasts?

Yes, you can. No one knowns how long the corona crisis and the lockdowns will last. But you can make sure your API's perform and stay healthy by having any API errors fixed by our remote API programmers. If your API needs bug fixing, please leave us a message.

How do I hire programmers that can work consistently during Corona shut downs?

Hiring programmers for continued work is a simple 2-step process. Step 1 - please fill out our hiring form. Step 2 - discuss with our developer about project requirements, working hours, rates and technical details.

Is it possible to hire jQuery developers who continue development during COVID-19?

Yes, it is very much possible to implement jQuery code changes during these times.

How can I hire web developers to fix my website during the Corona crisis?

Your website needs continued updates to stay healthy. No Corona virus changes that. Perhaps even more visitors are finding your business right now. Please tell us about your website requirements and we'll give you a quote, a schedule and a chat with one of our website experts.

Are there any flexible developers for hire to do remote work in times of COVID-19?

Yes, there are flexible developers for hire right now. They work remotely. So regardless of your office location, you can hire a flexible programmer to do development work for you while the country is in lockdown.

How can I hire a JavaScript programmer for Corona crisis affected web projects?

You can hire a JavaScript programmer remotely by sending us your name, email address and the JavaScript project details through our hiring form. Please do so as soon as possible as demand is high these days. Please specify whether you require expertise in specific JavaScript libraries. Thank you.

Where can I hire a Shopify expert that is unaffected by the Corona virus?

You can hire an expert in Shopify development at Public Apps. We have remote developers available most of the time who continue to develop Shopify themes and apps during lockdowns, shutdowns and difficulties because of the Corona virus.

How to hire server and database support experts in these Corona troubled times?

Servers and databased require maintenance regardless of the number of website visits. So whether your online store and corporate website are receiving more visitors or less visitors during the Corona crisis, maintenace needs to be done. To hire support for your database or server remotely, you can contact us now. Please let us know what database technology or server operating system you are using. Also, please specify the precise support question you have and whether our database support engineer should follow custom manuals or consult special documentation.

Who do I need to contact to hire CSS3 developers for styling my website communication about COVID-19?

You can contact our project management to schedule a chat with one of our CSS3 developers. Out team will be happy to help you out during these difficult times because of the Corona virus. Please inform us about your style sheet requirements, you preferred time schedule and your budget.

When can I hire a SASS developer to do last-minute styling to my website messages about Corona?

You can hire a CSS precompiler expert for ad hoc styling issues right away. For Corona cases we have an emergency procedure. Please collect relevant technical details for your SASS job and submit our hiring form at the top of this page.

How quickly can I hire a Shopify programmer that is flexible with regard to working hours during the COVID-19 crisis?

You can hire a Shopify programmer on Apr 17, 2024, who is flexible to work in varying time zones during the Corona crisis. E.g. in Atlantic Standard Time (AST), Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Standard Time (CST), Pacific Standard Time (PST), or Central European Time (CET). Please contact us as soon as possible to hire a Shopify programmer without delay.

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